Getting the Best Service From a Walgreens Clinic

With approximately 400 healthcare clinics in selected Walgreens stores and pharmacies across the United States, finding the nearest Walgreens walk in clinic is easy. For added convenience, the largest drug retail chain in the United States also encourages its customers to use the Store Locator function on its website.

But like all types of healthcare facilities, there are certain steps that you can do to ensure that you will get the best service and value for your money at a Walgreens clinic. Keep in mind that your fellow customers will likely troop to the clinic, too, with the same goal in mind. Keep ahead of your competition, so to speak, through these methods.

Know the Services First

Any Walgreens walk in clinic is usually staffed by physician assistants and family nurse practitioners. These healthcare professionals are trained and certified to conduct thorough physical examinations, listen to the patients’ concerns, and provide individual diagnoses and treatment plans, even write prescriptions, when necessary.

But it must be emphasized that these healthcare professionals are not medical specialists, thus, the limited number of health services offered. These include diagnosis and treatment for minor illnesses and injuries, aches and pains, and skin conditions as well as overall health and wellness. As such, illnesses and injuries requiring emergency and specialist medical care cannot be accepted into any of the clinics.

You want to avoid waiting for your turn at the clinic and yet be referred to a medical specialist. This is especially true when you already know that it was the best course of action in the first place.

In relation to the types of services offered, you should also know the general cost beforehand. Patients will likely payWall Greens Clinic $79 and higher for treatment of common illnesses; the total bill will vary depending on the additional procedures done, the complexity of the condition, and the length of the visit.

Club members of the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club discount card network can avail of 10% discount on the services. The cost may be reimbursed by your insurance provider, in case your policy is not accepted by Walgreens.

Make an Appointment

While there is no need to make an appointment at a Walgreens clinic, you may still want to do so. This is because patients are seen on a first-come, first-serve basis and there may be plenty of patients at any given day, thanks to the clinics’ popularity.

Also, the Walgreens clinic hours will vary from one location to the next. Your appointment will ensure that you will be seen by the healthcare professionals.